“What’s The Fuss About?”

What if I tell you that there’s no more reason to cry? Many of us live a life of suffering, sometimes acute, sometimes subtle, but suffering either way. Our happiness is at the reach of our hand, and it is our birthright, so go grab it.

“Home (The Camping Song)”

This self-descriptive title refers to the conversations I used to have with myself while hiking in monsoon-drenched Indian Himalaya. I felt like a kid again in the presence of majestic Nature and fragrant petrichor.


This song walks you through a typical day in the life of a wanderluster. Moment by moment, locked in the present moment, describing what I feel, see, and enjoy from this uncomplicated and simple lifestyle.


This song describes some questions and doubts many experience when first start to meditate. Here you can find a series of visualisations used in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition that have helped and inspired generations of practitioners.

“Cycle Of Life”

This one conveys the mystical textures of Nature, the colors of seasons, and Life reborn again after every winter. The regenerative and healing properties of Life surround us, and are there for you every time you take a moment to feel them.

“Backpacker’s Song”

This is a laid-back tune that evokes romance, beach life, and glorious sunsets. Do we really need anything else? What’s the use of possessions if they can’t quench our daily dissatisfaction? Just flow and enjoy the waves.