Xavo Espinoza is an Ecuadorian-born musician who left South Pacific shores for the alluring prospect of a career in music in Europe, some twenty years ago. 

Leading his flagship project, “Blue Aliens’ Club,” Xavo wore many hats: blues and rock guitar player, singer and frontman, songwriter, music producer, recording assistant, event promoter, etc. With the invaluable help of his bandmates, Xavo learned about the European music scene while, unwittingly, letting his own unchecked expectations run wild. Xavo experienced in first hand record labels’ apathy, the precariousness of the entertainment business, the avalanche of reality shows and the devaluation of music, while splitting his time to financially support himself with office jobs, as he faced this “rat race” way of living. Xavo migrated from New York to Barcelona, and then to Brussels, carrying with him his gear, knowhow, experience, and songs. After many years of struggle, at the crossroads, in a 180-degree shift of priorities, Xavo dropped his office work and dreams of stardom, and retired early to an uncomplicated lifestyle that has recently led him to the Indian Himalayas in a quest for self-discovery and exploration. 

“Bliss” by Xavo Espinoza

Xavo went from Blues to “Bliss” but it was not a conscious decision. What started as a mere curiosity for Buddhist philosophy paired with relentless wanderlust, took him on a long path of research and self-inquiry, various forms of meditation, reading, practice and retreat, before reaching an acceptable level of confidence and detachment enough to give wings to his trust in the Universe and finally take the plunge. For him, the path has just begun, and a whole world of possibilities opens up on the horizon.

Xavo has always loved to travel near and far. His meditation has followed him to his bicycle saddle in his many Sunday rides across Belgian forests and towns. He also loves to hike, particularly in the Annapurna region, Nepal. Though Xavo has traveled to many countries around the world, he is particularly fond of Asian culture, its people, customs, and food. On the other hand, Xavo loves music and his passion for songwriting has now taken a new dimension as he colours his lifelong craft with uplifting lyrics and laid-back, stripped-down tunes, hoping they may inspire and benefit the listener. When he is not writing songs you can find him exploring bazaars, taking photos, meeting new people, petting street doggos, meditating, volunteering or just chilling out in any of his favorites chai stalls.