There’s a door that revolves
in this world, but we fail to see.
Decode your breathing.
You don’t want to miss the forest for the trees.

By grand design this Cycle of Life
regenerates and heals.

If you fail, you learn.
Some people feel the rain; others just get wet.
In our deepest sleep
there are no divisions; to be One again, we seek.

The grand equaliser is just a reminder
that we’ll be back again, you’ll see.

This Cosmic Dance
knows no bounds…
All serves a purpose and a scheme…

Life, renewed in Spring,
brings lush greenery, mmm…
Flowing gently in the Summer breeze;
Lazy stroll under the Sun King.

Autumn is a second Spring
when flowers are fashioned from every leaf.
Oh, migration blues!
Winter is here for me and you… for me and you.

“Cycle Of Life” (2018) Words and Music by Xavo Espinoza.